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White Waves

                                                                        OUTPATIENT  TELEPSYCHIATRY

We are a group of licensed and board-certified Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and Therapists in California who provide psychiatric care to underserved and remote populations via secure video conferencing. We offer subspecialized Psychiatric providers as well. 


                                                                                       OUR GOAL

To improve access to psychiatric medication management services, and psychotherapy for all Californians, regardless of age, gender, location, ethnicity, or social situation.



Evaluation and interventions include full psychiatric evaluations, medication management, psychotherapy, team-based coordination of patient care, tests, Labs, EKG orders, and consultations with primary care providers, measurement scales such as PHQ-9, GAD-7, MDQs, C-SSRS, and exploitation scales. Help implement these measurement and outcome scales as JCAHO and other governing agencies are mandating these. We provide the highest quality, evidence-based telepsychiatry, and teletherapy services in concert with the patient’s primary care clinicians. These services are direct to clinics, not home-based patient care.


White Waves
White Waves
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