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PMPI offers competitive rates that are more than traditional Psychiatry Jobs. Telepsychiatry job growth has increased multifold in the last few years and continues to do so exponentially. The field has become competitive. Given the trends after COVID-19 in the US  and exposure to Telehealth, we are already seeing a surge of applicants and the number of clinics engaging us to get services.  Most of our current Psychiatrists do per-diem work with us (1099). We are able to offer these types of incomes by virtue of giving providers flexibilities of the place of practice sites of offices they practice from, and servicing sites, without dictating these like an employer would. There are different tax and retirement advantages that our providers enjoy working with us, in addition to a good work-life balance and scheduling flexibility. 

PMPI's goal has always been to introduce the applicants from the start to safe and medicolegally sound practice styles, with the help of our quality assurance and onboarding team. With our universe of outpatient clinics and no on-call, you are assured flexibility and a great quality of life.  If you do not enjoy working at a clinic we can place you in a different clinic without you seeking an entirely different job. Also, a switch of work from the Department of Mental Health SMI patient population type to the Community Health Center Mild to Moderate patients type and vice a versa is possible simultaneously or over time.     


COME JOIN US and begin your journey to a REWARDING career!!

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