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Frequently Asked Questions about Telepsychiatry

Q: What is Telepsychiatry?

A: Telepsychiatry uses technology to link psychiatrists and patients virtually through the Internet. We only employ the best psychiatrists with experience in tele-health so that we can continue to deliver on our mission, which is removing barriers to providing the best mental health care.

Q: Is telepsychiatry legitimate?

A: Absolutely! In some cases, telepsychiatry has been shown to provide even better outcomes for mental health patients while reducing cost and increasing efficiency. It’s a win-win for everyone and provides a way for us to deliver the best care possible while interfering less with your life and normal routines.

Q: Can medication be prescribed via telepsychiatry?

A: Yes. Our licensed psychiatrists can prescribe medications for patients they diagnose and treat remotely. Our providers will write and sign the prescriptions, which can then be transmitted to the clinic for local fulfillment.

Q: Where do patients receive treatment?

A: Patients can visit their local clinic, medical office, or hospital who have contracted with PMPI services. Wherever you can set up a private space for video conferencing, patients can comfortably sit and engage with our mental health professionals.

Q: Is special software and training needed?

A: When you contract with PMPI, we will provide your medical practice with all of the software and training necessary to implement our telepsychiatry services. The process is simple and requires very little setup.

If you are a healthcare provider who would benefit from access to a variety of qualified, licensed, and economical psychiatric care specialists, reach out to PMPI to discuss your options for telepsychiatry today.

Kaylee Garber

PMPI Business Development

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