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Kaylee Garber


Kaylee Garber

Kaylee brings nearly a decade of marketing expertise, specializing in digital marketing. Her lifelong involvement in modeling, acting, and dedication to mental illness awareness and animal welfare underscore her multifaceted passions.


Two years ago, she transitioned into business development, merging her marketing proficiency with her advocacy for mental health access and community connections. Kaylee perceives her role not just as sales but as a catalyst for mental health improvement, evident in her dedication to fostering genuine connections.


Her responsibilities entail planning and executing marketing initiatives to promote PMPI's services to rural clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers, aiming to expand mental health care access in underserved areas.


Kaylee's caring nature shines through her interactions, both within and outside the organization, forging lasting relationships. In her spare time, she enjoys outings with her husband and two dogs, volunteering at a local shelter to help furry friends find loving homes, and indulging in PC gaming, particularly simulation-style games.

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