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Benefits of Working with PMPI

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When partnering with us, clinics gain access to our extensive experience and expertise. We supply and install the necessary equipment for free and provide a secure encrypted HIPAA-compliant connection. We provide ongoing support which includes clinical oversight, telehealth training for office staff, and efforts to enhance communication, seamlessly integrating into your team. Together, we facilitate coordinated patient care, delivering top-tier telepsychiatry and teletherapy services in collaboration with primary care clinicians, ensuring the highest quality evidence-based care.

How Do We Do It?

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We begin by thoroughly examining your clinic to understand how best to integrate our services seamlessly and enhance your operations. This includes conducting needs assessments and projection studies to optimize revenue streams. We can work with your existing EMR system or provide a cloud-based solution, tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs. Patients can access vital information such as appointments, treatment plans, and prescriptions for added convenience.

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Securing the right provider is vital for your clinic's success. Mismatched providers can lead to patients feeling disconnected, potentially halting treatment and missing out on crucial behavioral health benefits. However, the search for the ideal provider can be costly and time-consuming. That's where we come in. We consistently recruit top Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners with stellar credentials, experience, board certifications, and a clean practice history. By aligning providers with your patient demographics, we streamline the process and establish quality service standards from the start.

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We handle the logistical aspects, including the supply and installation of necessary equipment at no cost to you, ensuring compliance with HIPAA, Federal, and State regulations. Our dedicated team manages insurance and in-house credentialing, alleviating administrative burdens.

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Timely access to care is imperative. We can rapidly initiate services and scale them up as needed. Our providers maintain consistent schedules, ensuring consistent patient care and follow-up. While clinics retain control over appointment scheduling and the check-in/check-out process.

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Our multidisciplinary team, led by experienced Psychiatrists, offers comprehensive psychiatric services, including mid-level Practitioners and Clinical Pharmacists, to address diverse patient needs effectively.

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Clinics retain control over billing processes, maximizing revenue generation through efficient claims filing. We provide ongoing support, including clinical oversight, training of office staff to meet telehealth requirements, and other efforts to establish a superior level of communication so we can become an integral part of your team. We foster seamless team-based coordination of patient care, delivering the highest quality, evidence-based telepsychiatry and teletherapy services in collaboration with the patient's primary care clinicians.

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Through comprehensive data analysis, incorporating peer reviews, patient feedback, clinic staff surveys, and no-show/canceled appointment data, we continuously monitor service quality and identify areas for improvement. This commitment to excellence drives our continuous enhancement of clinical efficiency and patient care.

Partnering with PMPI streamlines processes, reduces costs, and facilitates access to funding opportunities, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional care without administrative and technical burdens.

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Improving Access to Behavioral Health For All Californians Since 2003

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We specialize in serving FQHCs, RHCs, CHCs, Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), County Mental Health Clinics, SMI patient populations, CalAIM programs, Homeless Clinics, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and HRSA and SAMHSA funded institutions.

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