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Brandi Tilmon


Brandi Tilmon

Brandi embarked on her healthcare journey in 2006 as a Pediatric Medical Assistant. The profound fulfillment she derived from working with children and witnessing their growth ignited her passion and fueled her dedication to healthcare.


Recognizing her innate compassion, Brandi pursued various avenues within the field, spanning diverse healthcare settings. From case management to facilitating group sessions and connecting patients with crucial community resources, her commitment to serving others became her driving force.


Driven by her dedication, Brandi furthered her education to better equip herself in supporting her community. Earning several certificates, including one in Drug and Alcohol Studies from California State University Bakersfield, she solidified her expertise and commitment to making a difference.


At PMPI, Brandi's journey continued, evolving from an Executive Assistant to a pivotal role as Credentialing Manager. Leading the credentialing team, she ensures PMPI providers undergo thorough screening and interviews. Additionally, Brandi manages enrollments for Medicare/Medi-Cal and other insurance panels.


Brandi's journey exemplifies both her professional growth and unwavering dedication to healthcare excellence. Her extensive background and commitment to service make her an invaluable asset to PMPI and her community alike.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Brandi remains actively engaged in community events, demonstrating her commitment to giving back. She loves spending her free time with her children (which includes 2 adorable labs) indulging in travel, attending sporting events, or enjoying a nice meal together.

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