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Jessica Bidabe


Jessica Bidabe

With over twenty years of expertise in health and human services, particularly in behavioral health, Jessica brings valuable insight to PMPI's mission of expanding behavioral health services in underserved communities. Her experience spans crisis management, patient care, and collaborative therapy, and leadership roles as Director for both, an Intensive Outpatient Behavioral Health Program and a Social Service Organization, reflecting her unwavering dedication to quality care.

Beyond clinical work, Jessica is deeply involved in community advocacy, empowering underserved populations towards self-sufficiency. She has served diverse cultural backgrounds, providing crucial behavioral health and social services to vulnerable youth and families facing socio-economic barriers.

In her role as Clinical Support Manager, she upholds compliance standards and fosters a positive, engaging atmosphere for both providers and patients within the clinic. Her responsibilities include overseeing quality improvement initiatives, facilitating collaboration among clinic staff, collecting data for qualitative and quantitative reporting, and empowering communities to enhance patient engagement.

Jessica holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in working with children and adolescents, and is pursuing further education with aspirations for a Psy.D., highlighting her commitment to advancing behavioral health and human services.

In her free time, she enjoys gardening, snoozing (she knows the importance of a good nap!), spending quality time with family, and indulging in a good book to recharge.

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